When faced with poor cell reception in your workplace DataCom has the solution for you!

The materials used in the construction of your building can adversely affect the cell signal in different areas of your building. DataCom can conduct a quick site-survey at your location to determine the best way to solve your signal problems. Most times, it only involves installing an antenna on your roof and repeaters in the areas experiencing poor reception.

The equipment that we install can be implemented in all types of buildings; homes, multi-floor offices, high-rises, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, health care facilities, educational environments, etc. We've partnered with a vendor that carries multiple product lines from various manufacturers. This enables us to fit the right size system to your problem. The systems that we install are compatible with all major cellular service providers.

Unlike days gone by, today many employees utilize a cell phone at work as both their desk telephone as well as their source for the internet. With so much of today's business conducted on the "Cloud", having the internet immediately available makes for a more productive employee. If you have "dead" spots for coverage in your building, consider giving us a call that we may fix this issue for you.
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