In our world of high electronics and their associated cabling, a basic requirement is often overlooked - lightning and surge protection!

Modern installation practices specify numerous locations of voice, data , and video cabling in most rooms. Couple that with entry access, security cabling, etc. and you get more wiring in your business - than ever installed before.

Buildings or tall structures hit by lightning may be damages as the lightning seeks unintended paths to ground. By safely conducting a lightning strike to ground, a lightning protection system can greatly reduce the probability of severe property damage.

While injury to yourself, your employees, and your building is of paramount concern, proper design and installation of quality surge protection can save you money as well. Electronics exposed to changing electrical levels have a much shorter life-span, and often develop other problems that are not experienced by units supplied with "clean" power. A small investment in surge protection helps to ensure that you get the expected life span, with less down time, our of your equipment.

Another factor when considering potential lightning strike or power problems is your location. Proximity to other conductive structures, landmarks or power-users changes over time. What used to be a "lighting-safe" lot can change if your neighbor installs a large tower or other conductive structures next to you. Aging municipal equipment can lead to power surges, spikes, and "brown outs" of your electricity source.

Lightning's sheer power and speed make protection from it a daunting task. Electrical power fluctuation is much easier to tame. Sure protection and line conditioners are normally able to handle most problems encountered. Many units have a built-in battery back-up power supply. These keep your attached electronics functioning for a short time; normally long enough for you to back-up and unsaved material you are working on, call the power company, or complete any other tasks vital to your business.

Operating a business is expensive. The initial outlay of cash for new equipment is substantial. For only a few dollars more, you can purchase the best protection available for your investment.

At DataCom, Inc. we are trained and certified to install state-of-the-art lightning and surge protection, line conditioners, and grounding systems.
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