Datacom is a leading installer and supplier of Video Surveillance equipment. This area of CCTV is constantly expanding and adding features to attract both first-time, and repeat buyers. The Analog system you installed in 2012 isn't capable of performing at the levels needed by today's analytics and information gathering systems. Analytics are the programs within a security camera system that allow you to tailor when your system alerts you to an event that your camera has recorded, thus avoiding multiple alerts every time anything smaller than a human is recorded. This is one example of an analytic at work - and they mandate an up-to-date camera and recording system!

Today's systems utilize IP cameras almost exclusively and run on your existing data network. They are powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) from a source within your switch gear and are connected to a storage device. Regardless of if you are using an NVR on-site or the Cloud, the device may not only store your video but, depending on the brand, provide in-depth analytics. In some systems, these may be provided by the individual cameras as well.

DataCom Inc. now offers a temperature scanning camera that records your body-temperature automatically. Having this at your entrance or in your foyer gives one more level of pre-screening for disease before allowing the individual into your business.

We are also taking our wealth of experience into new-construction in the home video surveillance arena. Today's homeowner chooses to monitor their dwelling with cctv systems that supply their smart phone with screen pops when a pre-programmed event is triggered. This affords the option of giving the owner a chance to determine if the event warrants a call to their local constabulary or not. Another nice feature, this level of security may bring a cost-savings to your home-owner's insurance premium. The police like it as well, as you can supply the responders with your video prior to their arriving on scene.


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