Access Control Systems (ACS) embodies systems that allow you to control and keep track of "Who" gets in "What" doors and "When". This, traditionally, has been done with personal keypad codes and/or all manner of RFID trackers (key fobs, security cards), or biometric scanners (fingerprint, retina scanner, or facial recognition).

Today, ACS embodies so much more and has taken on many new definitions. The business owner must now decide what level of security and control do they want to utilize of the plethora of options available with this system.

Maybe you would like your executive's vehicles to be automatically scanned for a tracker as they approach the property and open the gate automatically once they were in range. For your other traffic; we recently installed license plate scanning cameras at our customer's location that documents all vehicles entering or exiting their facility. This was especially helpful in keeping track of their large flow of delivery vehicles.

Another area that DataCom Inc. is venturing into is the new-construction home building industry. We offer a cctv camera for home owners that can utilize a video door intercom that will interface with your access control system, allowing you to pre-screen your visitor before unlocking the door remotely with your cellular app. These utilize wireless data transmission so installation becomes much easier with no holes in your walls.


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