By way of introduction to my first Blog, I thought it best to introduce you to the crew at DataCom Inc.
David Dickey first formed DataCom Inc. in 1994 as part of a multi-owner group. After several years, and owner configurations, he became sole owner in 2010.

Shawn Campbell fills the billet as General Manager at DataCom. A United States Coast Guard veteran, he was originally hired in April of 1997 as a Technician; it soon became apparent that, though a junior employee, with his training and experience, he was a definite asset to the company. Soon after becoming GM, he earned his RCDD.

Dave Cross is the Service Manager for our telephone systems. Possessing a wealth of experience and training, he is a virtuoso when it comes to installing and servicing our entire line of telephony products. Did I mention that I am he? (Apparently I also service my own ego. Ah well.) As Service Manager I am certified to install several Panasonic PBX’s incorporating digital and VoIP technologies.

Our senior technician is Chris Hoffman. Having worked for DataCom cabling Lowellville’s new K-12 school in 2003, Chris was permanently hired in October of 2005. Certified in BICSI Installer Level II, he also carries Leviton, Hubble, Panduit, Aiphone, and Bosch, accreditations.

While all of our technicians have a working knowledge of all the systems that we install and service, Brandon Simms, hired in 2012, is our choice for saddling when it comes to working on the IT side of our systems. He holds certifications in: BICSI copper and fiber-optic cabling, and ITS Design Fundamentals, Vanderbilt and ISONAS entry access systems, Aiphone door phones, and Bosch cameras.

Kevin Patrone was hired as our “Alarm Guy” in November of 2014. He has 10+ years of experience installing and servicing security and alarm systems. He carries the much-vaunted “State of Ohio Fire Protection License”.

Recently promoted to Cable Technician, Brandon Gomez originally joined DataCom in 2014. He has worked very hard to attain this position and looks forward to the training still to come.

The Accounts department is headed up (and staffed) by Denise Tkacik. (‘Ku-Chick’ for those, like me, who were wondering.) She was added to our happy group 4-9-2012 and has brightened our mornings ever since. She has an Associate’s degree in Applied Business.
11757 Market Street • North Lima, OH 44452
P: 330.549.2200 • F: 330.549.2228